Once upon a time, in a small village, lived a little girl named Taeniate. She was a bright and intelligent girl and was always curious to know more.

One day, her father took her to the nearby jungle to a place where he said strange things happen. The place seemed deserted and Taeniate had no idea why her father brought her to such a strange place. As they ventured deep into the jungle, they suddenly heard a strange noise. On further investigation, they found it was coming from a small pond. As they approached the pond, a very strange creature emerged from it.

It had a body of a fish and the head of a monkey. Taeniate was amazed and asked her father what it was. He then told her that it was a Taeniate and that it was believed to be a magical creature. He further told her that some people believed Taeniates could grant wishes if they were taken care of properly.

Taeniate was so excited and wanted to have her own Taeniate. Without waiting for her father’s approval, she jumped into the pond and grabbed the Taeniate. She then took it home and started taking care of it. She fed it, played with it and talked to it like it was her own pet.

But the Taeniate didn’t seem to respond to her and it made Taeniate sad. One day, she decided to take the Taeniate back to the pond and let it be free. As soon as they reached the pond, the Taeniate disappeared into the murky water.

Taeniate was very disappointed and started crying. Her father then told her that it was better to set the creature free than to keep it as a pet. He told her that only when something is free, it can be truly happy.

This is the moral of the story: We should always allow living creatures to be free and enjoy their life, instead of confining them in cages.

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