Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Swathy. She was a kind-hearted soul and was always eager to help others. Whether it was a poor beggar on the street or an animal in need, she was always willing to lend a helping hand.

Swathy was an exemplary student and excelled in every subject she studied. She was also a leader among her peers, always taking initiative and inspiring them to do their best in whatever they do.

One day, Swathy was heading to school when a little puppy stumbled across her path. She saw that the pup was injured and in need of help, so she knelt down and carefully nursed his wound. She then took the pup home and looked after him until he was fit and healthy again. Swathy’s kind action made a huge impression on the people around her, who began to recognize her for her kind-heartedness.

Her parents were pleased and proud of her. They decided to reward her generosity by taking her on a vacation to the nearby hill station. Swathy was delighted and couldn’t wait to experience the new place.

On the first day, they explored the sights and sounds of the hill station. Swathy was fascinated by the beauty of the place and was in awe at the sight of the majestic mountains. They spent their days hiking up the hills, swimming in the lake and reveling in the beauty of nature. Swathy’s parents were glad to see her so happy and content.

But little did they know that their joy was about to turn into sadness. Swathy suddenly head a piercing cry and followed it only to find a helpless baby lamb stuck in a pile of mud. Without hesitation, Swathy leapt into action and managed to rescue the lamb from its sticky situation.

The lamb’s parents, who were not far away, were extremely grateful for Swathy’s help. They surrounded her and thanked her for her brave deed. Swathy thanked them back but could not contain her emotions. She was filled with joy and pride that she could be of help to a living creature in need.

The moral of this story is that we should always lend a helping hand to those in need irrespective of whether they are human or animals. We should help others in whatever way we can, so that we can bring happiness in their life. Swathy’s kind deed is an example to us all that we should always be ready to help those in need.

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