Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Substantious. He was a mischievous little boy who always looked for ways to have fun.

One day, Substantious happened to pass by a pond. It was a beautiful sight to behold; the water was so clear and serene. He decided to take a walk by the side of the pond.

As he walked, he heard some strange noises coming from the pond. When he looked closer, he noticed that there were some cute little fishes swimming in the pond. Substantious had never seen such cute creatures and he couldn’t help but take a closer look.

As he observed the fishes, he noticed that some of them had lost their scales and were in desperate need of help. Substantious quickly realized he could do something to help them. He recalled his dad mentioning that fishes need to have some kind of armor in order to protect themselves from predators. But Substantious didn’t know what kind of armor fishes need.

He decided to go to the local library to learn more about it. He spent the whole day there, reading books about fishes and their needs. After much research, he found out that the armor that fishes need is called a ‘substance’ and it is made from plants and other natural materials.

Now that he knew what he needed to help the fishes, he ran to the nearby store and bought some plants that he could use to create the substance. He then started to assemble the substance and soon enough, it was ready. He then went back to the pond and started to apply the substance on the fishes, one by one.

The fishes were so grateful for Substantious’ help. They thanked him for protecting them and giving them back their scales. They started to swim around joyfully and Substantious was overjoyed to see them so happy.

Substantious gained a lot from his experience. Not only did he learn something new and help out the fishes, but he also learned the importance of being kind and caring to other creatures. He realized that it was his responsibility to protect those in greater need and to be a better person.

Substantious went home that night, feeling fulfilled and content. The moral of this story is that we should always be kind to those in need and treat all living things with respect and care.

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