Once upon a time there was a young boy named Will who enjoyed exploring the outdoors during his summer holidays. He would often run, play and explore the woods and fields nearby his house. One summer day, Will’s mother called him inside from playing to talk about a school trip that was coming up in a few weeks. He was very excited to go, but his mother gave him a strict warning about the dangers of strongylosis.

“Will,” she said, “you need to be very careful on this trip. You could get a disease called strongylosis if you come into contact with larvae in the soil. You need to be sure to avoid touching the dirt, wear shoes and always wash your hands after exploring.”

Will nodded and promised his mother he would be careful. A week later, the school trip finally arrived and Will was very excited to explore the new environment. He couldn’t wait to get out and explore, but he also remembered his mother’s warnings and did his best to follow them. He made sure to wear shoes and avoid touching the dirt, and he even remembered to wash his hands often.

Still, a few days into the trip, Will began to feel very sick. He had a fever, aching joints, and diarrhea. He immediately knew something was wrong and he shared his symptoms with his teacher. After a few tests, it was discovered that Will had contracted strongylosis from the larvae in the soil. He was put on antibiotics to treat the infection and sent home early to rest and get better.

Looking back, Will was thankful that his mother had warned him about strongylosis. He had thought he was being careful, but he learned the importance of being extra vigilant in areas where the infection might be present. Will also realized that listening to his parents was a great way to avoid trouble and stay safe.

The moral of this story is that it is important to always listen to the warnings and advice of your parents, as they often know best. By listening to your parents, you can avoid dangerous situations and stay protected from harm.

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