Once upon a time, there was a small creature called Stomodaeum, who lived in a beautiful forest in the countryside. Stomodaeum was a very mischievous creature, who enjoyed playing pranks on the other animals in the forest.

One day, Stomodaeum decided to play a trick on a bird that was drinking from a nearby pond, and he sneaked up to it and yelled “Boo!” The bird was so startled that it flew away in a hurry and Stomodaeum thought this was hilarious!

He decided to keep going and he started to prank all the other animals in the forest. He tried to scare the deer, the rabbits, the eagles, and even the bears! But no matter how many times he tried to scare them, the animals never seemed to be scared of him.

The animals soon started to get fed up with Stomodaeum’s antics and started to form a plan to get back at him. They decided to take turns guarding the pond so that Stomodaeum couldn’t sneak up on them and startle them again.

Stomodaeum was surprised to see the animals guarding the pond, and he realized that he had gone too far with his pranks. He was ashamed of himself for making the animals so scared and he vowed never to play any more pranks.

Stomodaeum realized that it was wrong of him to play pranks on other animals and he started to be more careful and respectful of the other creatures in the forest. He stopped trying to scare the other animals and started to help the animals by providing them with food and water in times of need.

The other animals in the forest appreciated Stomodaeum’s newfound kindness and they welcomed him back into the forest with open arms.

Moral: It is never right to play pranks on others and it is important to be kind and respectful of other creatures.

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