Once upon a time, there was a little bee named Sting. Sting was a friendly bee and always enjoyed having conversations with other creatures living in the meadows and gardens around his home. He was always looking forward to meeting and getting to know new people.

One day, Sting took a little detour from his usual path and decided to go explore the meadows. As he buzzed around, he came across a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers of different colors. Seeing the beauty of the meadow, Sting got very excited and decided to explore it further. He flew around and marveled at the different colors of the flowers.

As he kept exploring the area, he came across something unusual. He noticed a huge hive in the middle of the meadow, which he hadn’t seen before. He flew closer to it and noticed that there were several worker bees inside. He decided to go talk to them and learn more about the hive.

But, as soon as he approached the hive, one of the worker bees came out and stopped him. The worker bee said, “Stop right there. This is our hive and we do not let strangers in.” Sting was disappointed but he understood. He thanked the worker bee and started flying away.

On his way back, he stopped by a nearby stream. He noticed a little frog seated on a rock, enjoying the sunlight. Sting decided to talk to the frog and asked him why the worker bee had been so strict.

The frog replied, “The worker bee is protecting the hive and its inhabitants from any potential danger. By keeping strangers away from the hive, it gives the bees some peace and security.”

Sting realized how important it was for the bees to secure their home and protect their privacy. He thanked the frog for his words of wisdom and flew away.

Sting learned a valuable lesson that day about the importance of respecting other people’s privacy. Though it is natural to be curious, it is important to make sure that we respect the privacy of others. Sometimes, it is the only way to provide the security and peace they need.

Moral: Respect the privacy of others and always remember that it’s best to keep some things to yourself.

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