Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Stainlessly. He was mischievous, courageous, and quite a popular kid in his school. All his classmates liked him and wanted to be friends with him.

One day, Stainlessly was playing in the school playground. He had to wait for his mom to pick him up after school and so he thought of playing from then on. He climbed up a slide and tried to turn it into a mini roller coaster. But unfortunately, he didn’t notice a sharp edge of the slide and ended up scratching his finger. He started to cry and no one was around to help, it was only his little self alone in the playground.

Stainlessly held his finger carefully and walked towards the school’s gate in search of help, but none was around. He felt helpless and scared and started to cry more. But then he remembered something his mom had told him once – “A courageous person never gives up and always fight to find solutions instead of surrendering.”

Taking courage, Stainlessly decided not to surrender and look for solutions. He went around in the school searching for help but no one was available. He noticed a garden nearby, filled with flowers and plants. He decided to pick up one of the leaves and tie it around his injured finger. He even took some of the soil from the garden to plaster it on the injured finger.

Intelligent Stainlessly didn’t give up and found a way to help himself out of the situation. He waited for his mom to show up and when she finally did, she was surprised at her son’s bravery and creative solutions.

Moral: Never give up and have courage to find solutions instead of surrendering.

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