Once upon a time, there lived a brave but squeamish little kid named Jack. Despite his fear of heights, he always tried to put his courage to test and bravely face his fears.

One day, his father tasked him a challenge to climb a tall tree and from the top, spot his father’s house. Jack agreed to the challenge, though he was very scared. He kept thinking of his father’s voice saying, “You can do it!”

Jack slowly climbed the tree and as he reached the top, he raised his head and looked around. To his shock, he saw a nest of snakes around him. He was too scared to move and squeamishness took over him.

He started to tremble when he heard his father’s voice, “Come down now child!”. He was too scared to move and he could not understand why his father would want him to be in such danger.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and a branch fell off the tree. Jack got scared and moved back in a hurry. The snakes started to move wildly as the branch fell. Jack was too frightened to even scream.

Eventually, the snakes moved away from the nest and Jack used the branch to climb down the tree. His father came running towards him, hugged him tightly, and praised him for overcoming his fear.

Jack joyfully realized that his father had asked him to climb the tree to check on his house, as he had heard a sound of something falling near their house.

Moral of the story: We all have fears but facing them makes us braver and stronger. Overcoming our fears is a true victory.

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