Once upon a time, there lived a small family of four in a small village far away. The father, a farmer, had two children, a daughter and a son. The daughter, whose name was Splanchnoderm, was only five years old. She was a very curious little girl and loved to explore the world around her.

Every day, Splanchnoderm would wake up early and spend hours chasing butterflies, playing in the woods, and collecting rocks and shells from the nearby beach. But her favorite pastime was exploring the small stream that ran through their village.

One day, when Splanchnoderm was out playing in the stream, she noticed something strange. There was an animal stuck in the mud, frantically trying to free itself from the sticky muck. It was a small rabbit, and Splanchnoderm quickly realized that it was in danger. Without hesitation, she jumped into the water and tried to help the poor creature.

She worked hard and eventually managed to free it. But as she pulled it out of the mud, she realized that its fur was covered in thick brown goo. The goo clung to the rabbit’s fur, and it seemed to be stuck there permanently.

Splanchnoderm felt sorry for the poor creature and was determined to help it. She thought of an idea and ran back to her house. She quickly grabbed a jar of vegetable oil and ran back to the stream. With no time to lose, she started coating the rabbit’s fur in oil.

The oil worked like magic and in no time the goo was gone, leaving the rabbit’s tame white fur behind. Splanchnoderm was overjoyed with her success and watched as the rabbit hopped away, free from the sticky mud.

From that day on, Splanchnoderm made sure to help the creatures in the stream whenever she could. She would spend hours each day, removing debris from the water, carrying stones and mud away, making sure the animals were safe and healthy.

Splanchnoderm’s parents were so proud of their daughter and what she was doing. They taught her an important lesson that day, to always be compassionate and kind to all living creatures and to never forget to help those in need, no matter how small they may be.

The moral of this story is that we should always try to help those in need, no matter what the situation. It doesn’t matter if the person or creature is big or small, our kindness and compassion can make a difference.

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