Once upon a time, there was a little boy, named John, who lived with his parents in a small town. He was a very hard-working and studious child who was always eager to learn new things.

One day, John’s parents gave him a large sum of money for his birthday, and told him to use it in a wise manner. John was ecstatic and wasted no time in spending his gift. He bought new clothes, toys, and other gifts that he had wanted for a long time.

John was so excited about his new possessions that he decided to show them off to all his friends. He invited them over to his house and handed out all the new things he had bought. Everyone was extremely excited and happy for him.

However, the next day, John’s parents told him that he had used up all his money and had nothing left. They told him that he should have been more careful with his money and not spent it all at once.

John realized his mistake and was filled with regret. He was ashamed of himself and wished he had been more prudent. He had realized that spending his money recklessly was not a wise decision.

John vowed not to make the same mistake again. He started saving his money and spending it wisely. He would think before he spent any money and carefully consider the consequences of his decisions. He also started helping out around the house and doing chores to earn money.

John’s parents were very proud of him for learning his lesson and for being more responsible with his money.

Moral: One should always think before spending and be more prudent with their money.

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