Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived an old king and his beautiful queen. Each day, the king would ask his subjects to find a great treasure that was hidden somewhere in the kingdom but nobody had ever been able to find it. One day, a young boy named Spatangus decided to venture out and try to find the great treasure.

Spatangus set off on his quest and soon found himself in a deep forest. After travelling for a while, he came across an old hut and standing in front of it was an old man. Spatangus asked the old man if he knew anything about the great treasure and the old man said that he did. He told Spatangus that there was an old castle in the forest and that is where the great treasure was hidden.

Spatangus thanked the old man and eagerly set off in search of the old castle. After a long and arduous journey, he eventually reached the castle and entered to find the great treasure. As he searched the castle, he stumbled onto a strange looking door which opened to reveal a large chamber inside.

Inside the chamber was a huge pile of gold coins and precious jewels. Spatangus was in awe of the riches and quickly filled his bag with as much of the treasure as he could carry. As he was about to leave, he heard a loud noise coming from the next room. He cautiously opened the door and to his surprise, he saw the old king and queen who had been searching for the great treasure all these years.

The old king and queen were so overwhelmed with joy that they hugged Spatangus and thanked him for finding the lost treasure. The old king made Spatangus an offer that he could not refuse. He said that he would reward Spatangus with half of the treasure if he opened up the chamber and allowed them to take the other half for themselves.

Spatangus happily agreed and the old king and queen thanked him for his generosity. Spatangus left the castle a wealthy man, with enough treasure for a lifetime.

Moral of the story: Greed does not pay. Spatangus showed great generosity and humility by sharing the wealth with the old king and queen. He was rewarded with a lifetime of comfort due to his kind actions and learned that true wealth is earned through acts of kindness not by taking what’s not yours.

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