Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Soteres, who had a deep love of the forest. She would often wander off into the woods, and marvel at the mysteries and secrets it held. One day, she stumbled upon a magical tree with beautiful, brightly-coloured berries. She was drawn to them and knew she must have them.

Soteres picked all the berries from the tree, even though she knew deep down she shouldn’t. When she returned home, she made some delicious jam from the berries and savoured every last drop.

But when Soteres went back to the same tree the following day, she was horrified to discover that the tree was no longer there. All that remained of it was a pile of ashes. She had taken too many of the berries, and in doing so had destroyed the tree.

Deeply ashamed of her mistake, Soteres set off in search of a way to fix what she had done. She traveled far and wide, asking anyone and everyone she encountered if they had any advice, but all of them were unable to help.

Eventually, Soteres came across a wise old woman who told her that if she wanted to bring the tree back to life, she must plant a single berry in the spot where the tree once stood. She listened to the woman’s advice and carefully planted a single berry in the spot where the tree had been.

Sure enough, to Soteres’ delight, a small sapling soon sprouted from the ground. Over the coming weeks, the sapling grew into a strong, healthy tree, and when it blossomed, Soteres was amazed to find that it bore the same beautiful, brightly-coloured berries that had attracted her in the first place.

Soteres had learned a valuable lesson that day: that taking too much of something can have a huge, negative impact, and that in order to restore balance, it is sometimes necessary to put something back.

Moral: Always remember to take only what is needed and give back what is not.

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