Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Suzy. She lived with her parents in a small town called Slewed.

Every morning, Suzy would go down to the river and catch fish with her friends. She was always so excited to show off her catch to her parents when she came home. It was the highlight of her day.

One day, Suzy and her friends decided to go fishing further down the river. They hadn’t gone far when the river quickly changed into a rapid. Suzy was scared, but she bravely kept going. She didn’t want to turn back and miss out on the adventure.

As Suzy and her friends paddled through the rapids, the boat almost flipped over. Her heart was beating fast!

Suddenly, Suzy noticed that the boat was leaning to one side, and the water was starting to come in. She realized that the boat was taking on water, and they were in danger!

Suzy wanted to help, but she didn’t know what to do. She tried to bail out the water, but it was no use.

Then, she remembered her father’s advice to always have a plan of action. She quickly rallied her friends and got them to work together to stem the flow of water.

They worked together tirelessly, and eventually, the boat was saved. Suzy was relieved, and her friends were amazed at her quick thinking and leadership skills.

When Suzy got home, she proudly told her parents about her adventure. They were so proud of her courage and resourcefulness.

Moral: No matter how tough the situation, always remember to stay calm and have a plan of action. You can’t always rely on someone else to save you, so it’s important to always be prepared.

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