Once upon a time, there was a small village deep in the forest. It was a peaceful, cozy little place, and everyone knew and looked out for one another. The village was home to a family of four, the Sasakuras.

Mr. and Mrs. Sasakura had two young children, a girl named Miyu and a boy named Itsuki. Mr. and Mrs. Sasakura ran a small chemical factory on the outskirts of town, where worked tirelessly to produce silicotungstic acid, a key ingredient in many of the latest technological developments.

One night, the Sasakuras were collecting silicotungstic acid when something unexpected happened. They were accidentally exposed to a large dosage of the chemical. All four of them were sent to the hospital with severe burns and chemical poisoning.

The news of the Sasakuras’ accident quickly spread throughout the village. Everyone was worried and concerned for the family. Mrs. Sasakura was given the best medical care, but the doctors couldn’t do anything to help Mr. Sasakura. He was in a coma and close to death.

The entire village was distraught. The people of the village decided to help the Sasakuras in any way that they could. They began a fundraising effort, gathering donations of money and goods to help support the family.

Miyu and Itsuki were especially devastated. Not only were they worried about their parents, they were also scared of the chemical that had caused their parent’s injuries. They wanted to make sure that no other family ever had to experience the same tragedy they were facing.

The village elders held a meeting to discuss what could be done to prevent such tragedies in the future. After much discussion and brainstorming, they agreed that the best way to prevent further accidents was to regulate the use of silicotungstic acid. They created strict guidelines for the collection, use, and disposal of the chemical.

Miyu and Itsuki were relieved that something was being done in memory of their parents. They knew that the regulations would help keep other families from facing the same tragedy that their family had experienced.

The Sasakura family eventually recovered from their injuries and, as a result of the regulations passed by the village elders, no other family was ever harmed by the use of silicotungstic acid.

Moral: It is always important to put safety first. Taking the time to put regulations in place, even though they might be inconvenient or costly, can help prevent more serious injuries and tragedies in the future.

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