Once upon a time there lived a cute little squirrel in the woods, named Sidewiper. Sidewiper was a small, chubby squirrel with white fluffy fur. She was very friendly and loved to play around in the woods. Her friends were all the other animals in the woods: birds, bunnies, chipmunks and deer.

Every day, Sidewiper would venture out of her tree house to explore the forest for food and play with her friends. She was so fast and agile, running around the trees and jumping from branch to branch. Everyone was so amazed and excited to see her!

One afternoon, Sidewiper was out for a game of hide and seek with her friends. She was so excited that she forgot to pay attention to the changing weather. Suddenly, an unexpected thunderstorm broke out, sending strong winds and torrential rains.

Sidewiper was scared and rushed to find a safe place to hide. She remembered that there was an abandoned cave nearby, so she rushed there in hopes of not getting wet. When she reached the cave, she noticed that the entrance was blocked by a pile of debris.

She tried to push the debris away but it was too heavy for her. She was about to give up when suddenly, a gust of wind blew some of the debris aside and revealed a small opening. She quickly jumped through the opening and was relieved to find herself in a dry, sheltered place.

The storm continued for hours and Sidewiper stayed in the cave the entire time. When the storm was over, she ventured out and was surprised to find a new path in the woods. She followed the path, only to find that it was leading to the village nearby.

Sidewiper was so excited to see the village, she ran around, showing every animal she came across the new path in the woods. She was really proud of herself for uncovering the path and felt accomplished.

The villagers were so thankful to Sidewiper for uncovering the new path, they decided to throw a special celebration to honor her. Every animal in the woods came to the celebration and showed their appreciation to Sidewiper.

Moral of the story: One should never give up hope, even in the bleakest of times. With determination and a bit of luck, one can still overcome any obstacle.

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