Once upon a time, there lived a seminarian in a small village. His name was Urias and he was a kind and gentle young man, who spent his days studying the holy books and helping those in need.

He was known far and wide for his wisdom, and his counsel was sought out by all from the village. Every so often, a certain nobleman from far away would arrive and seek out Urias’ advice, and although he had no need of money, the nobleman always insisted on giving Urias a golden coin.

One day, the nobleman arrived. He told Urias that he had a strange dream about a giant snake in the nearby forest, and he needed the seminarian’s help to interpret the dream and understand its meaning. Urias was a bit perplexed, but he took the coin the nobleman had offered and bid him good-bye.

When Urias returned to the village, he searched far and wide for a wise old man who could interpret the dream, but no one he encountered seemed to have any idea what the dream meant. The more Urias searched, the more frustrated he became, until finally he had an epiphany – he should visit the snake himself and ask it what the dream meant!

He set out one night and headed to the deep forest, and when he arrived he found a giant snake that seemed to be waiting for him. Urias expressed his fear, but the snake told him not to worry, for it was said to be the wisest creature in the forest. It then asked him the question about the nobleman’s dream.

Urias explained what he had been asked and the snake told Urias that the dream was about the nobleman’s upcoming journey, and the giant snake in it was a warning: the nobleman was about to encounter great danger.

Urias thanked the snake and returned to the village. He immediately went to the nobleman and explained what he had learned, warning him to be wary of the journey and to be very careful. The nobleman was grateful and thanked Urias with a bag of gold coins, which Urias willingly accepted.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of knowledge. Knowledge can lead you to unexpected places, and can help you get out of difficult situations. It is always better to seek knowledge and to use it wisely.

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