Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a young boy named Segregant. Segregant was different from the other children of his kingdom. He was born with golden hair and a bright blue eyes.

Everyday, Segregant was teased and ridiculed by the other children for his unique appearance. As the older children pointed and laughed, Segregant found himself retreating into the depths of a nearby forest for solace.

In the forest, Segregant was welcomed by all of the animals. He would spend hours playing with the birds and rabbits of the forest. The animals were kind and nurturing to him. They showed him how to listen to the world of nature and to appreciate the beauty of life.

Unlike his peers at school, Segregant was content with himself and the way he looked. With the support of the animals, he slowly built up his confidence and was able to stand up to those who tried to belittle him.

Meanwhile, the nearby kingdom was in disarray. The King and Queen had grown distant and had forgotten their duty to the people of their kingdom. The people were in despair and had lost all hope.

It was then that Segregant had an idea. He thought that if he could unite the people of the kingdom and reignite the love and respect between them, he could bring about peace and harmony in his kingdom.

The animals of the forest were in agreement and agreed to help him. Soon enough, Segregant gathered an army of animals from the forest and went to the kingdom. As the animal army marched, the people of the kingdom cheered and followed them.

When Segregant reached the castle, the King and Queen were astonished to see the animal army. Segregant approached the King and Queen and told them about his plan. Touched by his courage and bravery, the King and Queen agreed to his idea.

The King and Queen used the animal army to reinstate a sense of love and respect among the people of their kingdom. As the people began to work together, the kingdom was restored to its former glory.

Segregant was praised by the people of the kingdom and was awarded the title of Honorary Royal Guard.

Moral of the story: Just like Segregant, we should always stand up for what we believe in and never give up.

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