Once upon a time there lived a small village in the shadow of a large mountain. The people of the village lived a very simple life, but were content with what they had. They had very few possessions and relied heavily on the support of their family, neighbors and even the animals of the area.

One day, a small boy called Scutulum dreamed of a better life. He wanted to get away from the mundane routines of his village and explore the world. But because of his family’s financial situation, he knew that he would never be able to make such a journey.

One night, while sleeping, Scutulum had a dream. In his dream, an old man was standing by a river and he told Scutulum that if he followed the river downstream, he would find a magical shield that would grant him the power to do whatever he wanted.

The next day, Scutulum went to the river, following the old man’s instructions. After a few hours, he found himself standing in front of a small building. He opened the door and inside was a large and imposing shield, made from a strange metallic substance he had never seen before.

He was so excited, he grabbed the shield and ran back to his village. On his way he encountered a group of bandits, who wanted to steal his newfound treasure. Desperate for a way out of the situation, Scutulum threw the shield in their direction, causing the bandits to run away in fear.

Back in his village, Scutulum showed the shield to the village elders. They knew immediately that the shield was magical and that it would grant Scutulum the powers he sought. With the shield in hand, Scutulum set out on his journey, exploring the world and fulfilling his dream.

The moral of the story is that with determination and courage, we can find the strength to achieve our goals, no matter the obstacles standing before us.

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