Once upon a time there was a rascally young lad named Scutel. He was a mischievous child who seemed to constantly get himself into trouble. One day, he was out exploring the woods near his family’s small farm and stumbled upon an old, dirt-covered statue of a knight.

It had a rugged face and a long sword in its hands that seemed to gleam with power. Instantly, Scutel was entranced by the statue and wanted to take it home. After a few minutes of debate, he decided to take the statue with him and started back for home.

On his way, he was stopped by an old man who was wearing a long, brown cloak and a pointy hat. The old man told Scutel he was a wizard and that the statue was a magical artifact of great power. He explained that whoever possessed the statue possessed the power to control the elements of wind, water, and fire.

Scutel was consumed by greed and insisted that the old man give him the statue. The old man tried to talk some sense into Scutel, but the lad was too blinded by greed to even consider his words.

In a fit of frustration, the wizard left, leaving Scutel to his own devices. Once home, Scutel quickly realized his mistake. The statue was too large to hide without arousing suspicion and, before long, his parents discovered him and his new acquisition.

His parents scolded him for his foolishness but, in the end, they understood why he had done it. They told Scutel to cherish the power of the statue and to use it wisely and responsibly.

Scutel listened to their wise words and his moral compass was once again pointed in the right direction. From that day forward, whenever Scutel was faced with a difficult decision, he thought back on his experience with the wizard and the statue. He was reminded of the need to think before he acted and to use the power he had been given responsibly and for the greater good, never the lesser evil.

Moral: Think before you act and use the power you have been given responsibly and for the greater good, never the lesser evil.

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