Once upon a time there was a small, scruffy little puppy named Scraggedly. He had long, brown fur, white patches and one blue eye but the other one was brown. He was always getting into trouble because he was so curious and energetic, but he was also a sweet pup who liked nothing more than cuddles and playing.

He used to wander in the nearby park during the summer days, chasing birds, playing in the mud, and running around with the other dogs. He was so carefree and happy, always exploring and having fun.

One day, while he was playing in the park, he saw a little girl who was crying. He ran up to her and licked her face, trying to make her feel better. The little girl smiled through her tears and Scraggedly was so proud of himself. He had made her feel better.

The little girl told Scraggedly that her parents had been fighting and her mom had just left for the day. Scraggedly was so sad for her and he promised to stay with her until her mom came back.

The little girl and Scraggedly spent the whole day together. They played games and laughed, and Scraggedly was happy that he had been able to help the little girl forget her worries for a while.

Eventually, the little girl’s mom came back and both the girl and her mom were so glad to see Scraggedly. He had made the little girl feel better, and the mom was so thankful for his help.

The little girl’s mom asked him where he lived and after some searching, he realized that he didn’t have a home. He had been roaming around the park, looking for food and company.

The little girl’s mom decided to take him in and give him a home. She said that it was the least she could do for a pup who had been so kind and thoughtful.

Scraggedly was so happy and he spent every day playing and having fun with the little girl. He was so grateful for having a family who loved him and took care of him, despite his scruffy look.

Moral: Compassion and kindness are more important than appearance. No matter how scruffy you may look, you can always make the world better with your good deeds.

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