Once upon a time, deep in the heart of an African savannah, there lived animals of all kinds. Zebras, monkeys, lions, and even elephants roamed freely in the vast expanse. There were lush grassy plains, and rivers running with the sweetest of water.

In the center of the savannah, there was a small family of elephants, led by their matriarch. They were living a peaceful and happy life. Each morning the elephants would wake up with the sun and move together, grazing them together for the day.

One day, the matriarch elephant noticed something strange in the distance. She couldn’t quite make out what it was, but her instincts told her to be wary. As the herd traveled closer to the unknown object, they realized it was a giant boulder.

The elephants were intrigued and confused. How had the boulder gotten there? Why was it so large? What was its purpose?

The matriarch elephant was determined to find out the answer to these questions. She instructed her family to help her push the boulder. With all their strength, the elephants managed to move the boulder, revealing a small hole underneath. Inside the hole, the matriarch saw a glimmer of gold.

She sniffed around and realized it was a pot of gold coins! The matriarch was overjoyed and quickly shared her discovery with her family.

They were all so excited and wasted no time scooping out the coins, hoarding them away in the trunks of each elephant. For a while, the elephants enjoyed their newfound wealth, but they soon realized that it wasn’t doing them much good.

As the weeks went by, the elephants began to squabble amongst themselves over who had the most coins, and the peace and harmony of the herd was slowly diminishing.

The matriarch, seeing how the gold was damaging her family, knew that something had to be done. She gathered the elephants together and told them, “My family, the gold is not helping us and is only causing us strife and disharmony. We must use it in a way that benefits us all.”

The elephants thought for a long time about what their matriarch had said, and eventually came to the conclusion that they should use the gold to help the other animals in the savannah. They set out to find those in need, and used their newfound wealth to give food, water, and shelter to their new friends.

In time, the other animals began to hear of the kindness of the elephants and soon the whole of the savannah was thriving.

The moral of the story is that wealth should be shared and not hoarded. It is only when we give to others that true happiness and contentment can be found.

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