Once upon a time, in a small village near the forest, there lived a young girl named Sapucainha. She was the daughter of two loving parents who taught her the value of hard work, respect and loyalty.

Sapucainha was a very brave and independent girl. She was not afraid to take on any challenge that came her way and she was always willing to help others.

One day, Sapucainha heard that there was a big competition happening in the village. Whoever was brave enough to venture into the dark forest and bring back the magical golden flower would win the competition!

Without hesitation, Sapucainha decided that she would be the one to go and get the flower. Even though her parents warned her that it was too dangerous, she persisted and soon enough, she was off to the forest.

The forest was full of strange and wonderful creatures, yet Sapucainha felt safe as she ventured deeper into the darkness. Suddenly, she heard a loud caw and noticed that a large raven was perched atop a nearby tree. This was no ordinary bird. It was a magical creature known as the Sapucainha. Legend said that this bird could grant wishes to anyone who could answer its riddles.

Sapucainha was delighted and decided to ask the Sapucainha a few riddles. To her surprise, the bird answered them accurately and granted her three wishes. Sapucainha wished for the courage to complete her quest and the magical golden flower.

With the Sapucainha’s help, Sapucainha completed her quest and returned to her village. Upon arrival, she was filled with joy and happiness. Everyone in the village was so proud of her and rewarded her with the much-desired golden flower.

The moral of the story is that sometimes it takes courage and determination to fulfill our dreams. We should never give up despite all the obstacles that may come our way. With a positive attitude and help from others, anything is possible.

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