Once upon a time, in a quiet little town, was a boy named Jack. He was a happy-go-lucky 8-year-old who always had a smile on his face and never seemed to worry about anything.

One day, Jack’s life changed drastically when his parents announced their divorce. Jack was crushed by this news and fell into a deep depression. He no longer had the same energy and joy he used to have and he was overwhelmed with sadness and confusion.

Jack’s parents sought to make the divorce as easy as possible on him, but his sadness was too great to make it painless. He had difficulty sleeping at night, and during the day, he often sulked and looked for attention from his parents.

To try to make things better, Jack’s parents took him away on a family trip to a nearby beach town. Jack was still sad, but he tried to enjoy the trip and the beautiful scenery.

One day, Jack’s parents took him to an amusement park. He had an amazing time riding all the rides, eating his favorite snacks, and playing with some of the other children. Jack realized that although he was still sad and confused, he could still have fun.

At the end of the trip, Jack’s parents told him that they still loved him no matter what and that they would always be there for him. This gave Jack the strength to accept their divorce and the courage to move forward.

Jack eventually recovered from the sadness he felt after the divorce, and he continued to have fun with his parents and family. As time passed, he gained a greater appreciation for the love of his family and understood more clearly how important it is to have a strong support system.

The moral of the story is that, no matter how difficult life can be, it is important to remember that there are people who will always be there to provide love and support. Even in the darkest of times, it is important to look for the light.

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