Once upon a time, in a peaceful kingdom of old, lived a friendly and noble dragon name Rorulent. Rorulent was the biggest and bravest dragon of the kingdom and was well-known among the locals. He would often fly about the kingdom, making sure everything was in order.

Rorulent was very wise and had a deep respect for all living creatures. He was kind to all animals, no matter how small. Every day, he spent much of his time helping the people of the kingdom, providing them with whatever was needed. He often visited the poor and needy to make sure they were taken care of.

One day, a group of travelers passed through the kingdom and stopped at the village where Rorulent lived to ask for help getting to their next destination. Seeing the travelers in need, Rorulent decided to help them and offered to take them in his giant wings.

The travelers gladly accepted Rorulent’s offer and the dragon flew them to their destination. However, on the way, the travelers noticed something strange about Rorulent: he seemed to enjoy listening to the conversations and singing of the travelers. He would even stop in midair to listen to a particular conversation or song.

Once at the travelers’ destination, the travelers thanked Rorulent for his help and began to part ways. But before they could do so, Rorulent spoke up, telling them that it was time they knew a secret.

He revealed that it was the conversations and songs of the travelers that kept him going on his many journeys. He said that he deeply admired their strength and courage, and he wanted the travelers to know that their courage and strength goes beyond just their words.

Rorulent asked the travelers to take this lesson and use it to show everyone else in the kingdom that they have these same qualities, and to remind them that they should never give up, no matter what life throws at them.

The travelers thanked Rorulent for the kind words and his wisdom, and they parted ways.

The moral of this story is that courage and strength go beyond words, so never give up on your dreams and always believe in yourself.

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