Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Roleo. Roleo was a very curious and adventurous boy. He was always ready to take on any new challenge.

One day, Roleo was out in the woods with his family when he saw a group of kids playing in a pond. They were throwing rocks and splashing each other, having a great time. Roleo was fascinated by their games and he wanted to join in.

He asked his parents if he could join them, but they refused. They told Roleo that the pond was too deep for him and he might drown if he wasn’t careful. Roleo didn’t believe them and was determined to prove them wrong.

So, Roleo started throwing rocks into the pond. The kids in the pond noticed him and invited him to join in. After some hesitation, Roleo accepted the offer and started playing with them.

At first, Roleo was careful to stay away from the deep parts of the pond. But soon, he started to get more adventurous and tried to reach the deepest parts of the pond. He didn’t think about the danger involved and soon he found himself in danger of drowning.

The kids in the pond noticed Roleo’s struggle and immediately pulled him out of the water. They all started to cry, thinking that Roleo might not make it. But Roleo was alright. He had learned his lesson and realized the importance of following rules and instructions.

After this experience, Roleo was wiser. He started to respect the rules of his parents and made sure to stay within the limits. He also learnt the importance of listening to wise words and respecting the rules.

Moral of the story: It is important for us to respect and follow the rules as they protect us from danger. We should always listen to wise words and not take chances.

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