Once upon a time, there lived an adventurous young girl named Rockelay. She was very brave and strong-willed and loved going on new adventures.

Rockelay was living in a small town with her parents and three siblings. She was the youngest of the group, but she was always trying to keep up with her older siblings. One day, when she was playing in the park with her siblings, she noticed a strange-looking rock. It was a bright blue color with white speckles, and she knew she had to have it.

Without hesitation, Rockelay picked up the mysterious rock and decided she was going to keep it. She brought it home and began to show it to her family, telling them of the special rock she had found. Everyone was in awe of the beautiful rock and couldn’t believe that she had found it in the park.

After that, Rockelay began to take her special rock everywhere she went. She liked keeping it close and it made her feel special and important. She was sure that this rock was magical and could bring her luck. She was so proud of her rock, she even began to take it to school with her.

However, one day, while at school she noticed that one of her classmates had the same rock. She was surprised and slightly upset. She had thought that her rock was special and unique, but it was not. She was so disappointed; she didn’t know what to do.

In that moment, Rockelay realized that it was not the rock that made her special and unique; it was her own unique traits and abilities. She learned that the true source of her luck and pride was not a rock, but her own characteristics and qualities.

Rockelay understood that luck and pride come from within and not from external objects. She even decided to give her rock away to her classmate, hoping it would bring her the same luck and joy it brought her.

From then on, Rockelay continued to believe in her own special qualities and focuses on developing her own talents, instead of relying on an external object to make her happy.

The moral of the story is that true luck and pride come from within, and not from external objects. It is important to recognize and focus on your own unique qualities and abilities, instead of relying on outside things to make you happy.

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