Once upon a time, there was a small village that was nestled deep in the forest. This small village had no river. The villagers had to depend on wells and hand-dug wells to provide them with water to drink, bathe, and cook.

One summer, the village faced a severe water crisis. There had been no rains for many months, and all the wells had gone dry. The villagers had to walk miles to find water to fill their pots and barrels. Even then, the water was dirty and not fit for drinking.

The villagers were desperate and came up with an idea to find a good source of water. They called for a meeting and decided to search for a river. They started looking for a river that could supply water to their village.

The villagers searched for days, but there seemed to be no river. They started to lose hope and were about to give up when one day, a wise old man who had been visiting the village suggested that they look for a hidden water source.

To everyone’s surprise, they actually found a hidden underground river! The underground river had been hidden by a thick layer of clay and silt. The villagers were overjoyed and began to celebrate.

Now, they had a fresh source of water. The villagers were able to get enough water to drink, bathe, and cook with. They thanked the wise old man for his suggestion and took it upon themselves to protect the river and make sure it was kept clean for future generations.

Moral: The power of collaboration and determination can achieve great things, even in the face of disaster. It’s important to work together and never give up, even when things seem hopeless.

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