Once upon a time, there lived two siblings living in the same village, Ribandlike and Anny. Ribandlike was an adventurous little girl who loved to explore the outdoors. On the other hand, her younger brother, Anny, was content to stay at home and play with his toys.

One day, Ribandlike and Anny decided to explore the woods nearby. As they walked further and further into the forest, they suddenly heard a loud rustling noise. Curious, they followed the noise and discovered an old device, constructed of intricate ribbons and weaves.

Ribandlike was intrigued by the device, and quickly decided to try and figure out how it worked. She and Anny worked together, and eventually managed to get it working. As soon as they pressed the start button, a beautiful light show started with colorful ribbons dancing all around them.

Ribandlike was fascinated by the ribbons, and wanted to take some home to keep, so she started to carefully put them in her pockets. When Anny noticed what she was doing, he said that it was wrong to take something without asking for permission first. Ribandlike laughed off his warning and carried on.

As Ribandlike filled her pockets with the glorious ribbons, she suddenly felt a wave of guilt wash over her. She realized what she was doing was wrong, and quickly apologized to the forest, promising never to take anything without permission again.

Anny smiled and hugged his older sister, happy that she had learned this very important lesson. As they walked out of the forest, Ribandlike told Anny that taking things that don’t belong to you isn’t right and that it’s better to ask for permission first.

The moral of the story is that it is important to respect other people and their belongings, and to always ask for permission first before taking something that is not yours.

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