Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Alex. He was an enterprising lad who loved to explore and learn new things. Alex was very fond of science and technology, so he was always tinkering with gadgets and gadgets.

One day his parents gave him a new toy – a model airplane. He was so excited that he couldn’t wait to fly it. But with all the excitement, he forgot to read the instructions carefully. He was soon in trouble as his aircraft crashed and it was in pieces. Alex was disheartened and he thought he had ruined his new toy.

He told his parents about the mishap, but his father offered an encouraging word. He told Alex not to worry and asked him to try to repair it. He promised that if he put in enough effort and persevered, he could possibly make the aircraft work again.

Encouraged by his father’s words, Alex set about the task of fixing his plane. He spent hours every day trying to put it back together. He had to make sure that he did not miss any detail and part. He was meticulous in his efforts.

Finally one day, Alex was able to get the model plane to take off. He was thrilled and so were his parents. His father hugged him and said “Well done. You’ve just learnt a valuable lesson in life – never give up, no matter how hard the task may seem.”

Alex smiled proudly and thanked his father. He had learnt the valuable lesson of never giving up or accepting failure. He had also learnt the lesson of restake – putting in effort to make something better than it was before.

The moral of the story is that perseverance and hard work can help us achieve great things. No matter how difficult the task, if we put in enough effort, we can make it work. We should never give up, no matter how hard the task may seem. Restake is essential for success.

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