Once upon a time there lived a kind hearted boy called Brian. He was the beloved son of a small village. Everyone in the village was filled with admiration towards him. Brian had a big heart and a kind soul, always ready to help anyone who needed help.

One day, a stranger came to the village. He was a traveler, who went to every village he could on his journey. Sadly, he had no money and no food. Brian’s parents being good hearted people offered the traveler a meal and a place to rest. So the traveler stayed at their home.

The next morning, when the traveler was about to leave, he offered a token of gratitude to Brian. He gave him a magical stone. The traveler explained that it was a powerful magical stone and it had the power to grant any wish that he desired.

Brian was overjoyed and thanked the traveler for giving him such a precious gift. He started dreaming of all the things he was going to wish for, from money to power to fame. But his parents warned him not to misuse it and to use it only with good intentions.

The next day, Brian wanted to test out his magical stone. He closed his eyes and wished for a toy sailboat. Suddenly, a sailboat appeared in front of him and he was filled with joy. He had made a wish, and it was granted.

He was so excited that he decided to try out the magical stone again that day. This time he wished for the most beautiful horse in the world. Immediately, a beautiful white horse appeared in front of him. Brian was overwhelmed and could not believe his eyes.

But his joy was short-lived as he saw a small child crying outside his house. The child was looking for his lost horse, which matched Brian’s new one perfectly. Brian was filled with remorse and sorrow, realizing that he had unknowingly taken away the child’s beloved horse.

He quickly made a wish with the magical stone, to bring back the child’s horse to its rightful owner. Immediately, the horse disappeared from Brian’s view and reappeared near the crying child. The child was overjoyed to see his horse and thanked Brian profusely.

Brian realized that he had been selfish and had misused the magical stone. He promised himself never to misuse it again, and that he would only use it for the benefit of other people.

Moral: In life, it is important to think before you act and not to be selfish or greed. We should always remember that our actions can have consequences for others and must be considerate. We must use our power and resources for the betterment of others.

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