Once upon a time, in a small village by a river lived a young boy named Joseph. He lived with his parents who were both farmers and worked hard to make sure that the family survived. Joseph was very inquisitive and often asked his parents about the world and why things were the way they were.

One day when Joseph was playing by the river, he spotted a large eagle perched atop a nearby tree. From his parents he had heard stories about wise eagles, so he knew he had to go talk to it. He slowly walked closer to the tree, but the eagle noticed him and flew away. Joseph was disappointed, but he vowed to find the eagle once again.

The next day Joseph set out early in the morning and went searching for the eagle. He traveled through the forest, through the meadows, and around the river until he came across a cave. Inside, he saw the eagle perched atop a large rock. The eagle saw the brave little boy and decided to speak with him.

The eagle asked Joseph why he had come to find it. Joseph told the eagle that he wanted to learn more about the world. The eagle was very pleased and began to teach him wisdom and knowledge. Joseph eagerly listened and learned as much as he could.

Finally, the eagle said that it was time for Joseph to leave so he could share his newfound wisdom with others. Joseph thanked the eagle and began the journey back home.

On the way home, Joseph thought about all the things he had learned from the eagle and realized how fortunate he had been. He knew that he must not keep this knowledge to himself, but share it with others so that more would benefit.

In the end, Joseph learned that true knowledge comes from sharing and not just from learning. We must use what we learn for the benefit of others, so that it can be spread and shared, never kept to ourselves.

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