Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Bobby in a small village. He was very naughty and mischievous, always playing pranks on the villagers. One day, Bobby was playing around with his friends when he stumbled upon a magical tree. He was amazed by its beauty, with its bright red and yellow fruits hanging from its branches.

He was so overwhelmed with excitement that he decided to climb up the tree to get some of the fruit. As he climbed, he noticed that a monkey had been sitting in the tree for quite some time. Bobby was about to pick the fruit when the monkey suddenly spoke to him.

“What are you doing?” it said.

Bobby was startled by the monkey’s sudden questioning. He immediately apologized and explained that he just wanted some of the fruit.

The monkey laughed and asked Bobby why he wanted the fruit. Bobby told the monkey that he wanted it to eat.

The monkey then asked Bobby if he knew what the word regrate meant. Bobby did not know what it meant, so the monkey explained it to him. Regrate means to give back something that you have been given.

The monkey told Bobby that if he wanted the fruit, he had to give something in return. Bobby was hesitant, but then he remembered a necklace he had found in the forest a few days ago. He was sure that the monkey would like it, so he gave it to him.

The monkey was so pleased with Bobby’s regrate that he gave him the fruit he wanted. Bobby thanked the monkey and left with a bag of fruit.

As he walked home, Bobby thought about what the monkey had said to him. He realized that it is important to give back something when you are given something. This is what regrate means.

Bobby went home and shared the fruit with his family. They were all very happy and enjoyed the sweet taste of the fruits. From then on, Bobby never forgot the lesson he had learned: it is important to give back something when you are given something.

Moral: It is important to regrate when you are given something. It is a sign of respect and kindness and it reflects the value of the gift you have been given.

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