Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there lived a wise and benevolent King, King Arturo. He was known throughout the kingdom for his fairness, intelligence and wise ruling, for he believed in the power of kindness and justice.

King Arturo had two sons, Prince George and Prince Elliott. They were very different, both in looks and in character. George was a restrained, quiet and thoughtful boy, while Elliott was lively and always filled with energy.

One day, King Arturo decided to test his sons and their understanding of regalism by assigning each of them a task. He sent them out into the neighbouring kingdom to bring back three unique treasures, as a symbol of respect and admiration for their neighbours.

Prince George was sent on a quest to find a golden dragon, while Prince Elliott was sent to bring back a pearl necklace. Both boys set out with determination and enthusiasm, eager to please their kind father.

Prince George had to face many obstacles and dangerous creatures on his journey, but he never gave up. With courage and perseverance, he overcame every obstacle and eventually found the golden dragon.

Prince Elliott too faced various dangers and difficulties, but he persevered and with great skill and strength, he managed to bring back the pearl necklace.

When both princes returned to King Arturo with their treasure, the King marvelled at their courage and strength. He praised both his sons for fulfilling their tasks with honour and loyalty.

King Arturo then spoke to his son about regalism, reminding them that a true leader is one who respects, values and serves their people. He spoke of justice, kindness and fairness and how they would lead to a prosperous and happy kingdom.

The princes listened attentively and thanked their father for the valuable lesson. King Arturo hugged them and told them to never forget what they had learnt.

Moral of the Story:

True leaders uphold the values of justice, kindness and fairness in order to bring peace and prosperity to their kingdom.

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