Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Redan. He was a very smart, curious and extroverted child. He was always asking questions and wanted to know how things worked.

One day he and his family went on a picnic in the local park. While they were eating, Redan noticed a large, red ant walking around the picnic blanket. Fascinated by the creature, he decided to follow it, grabbing a few pieces of food as it would. After a few minutes, he found the ant walking into a small hole in the ground.

Redan was determined to get a closer look, so he decided to dig around the hole. He slowly worked away at the soil until he uncovered a network of tunnels made by the ants. He was amazed by the intricate structure of the tunnels and marveled at the industriousness of the ants.

His curiosity got the best of him, and soon he was following the ants in their tunnels. He went deeper and deeper until he stumbled upon an entire colony of ants. At the center of the colony was a large ant, much bigger than the others. It was the leader of the colony, and it had a crown of leaves on its head.

Redan was in awe of the ant. He watched as it communicated with the other ants and directed their work. He was fascinated by how the colony worked as a single unit, helping each other and making sure the colony survived.

Redan was inspired by what he saw and decided he wanted to be just like the ant leader. He wanted to lead, help, and guide his family and his friends just as the ant leader had done.

Back at home, Redan told his family about his experience with the ants and what he had learned from them. His parents were proud of him for his adventurous nature and for the lessons he had learned from it.

Redan’s story shows us that we should be curious and explore the world around us. We never know what we will discover and the lessons we may learn. We should also strive to be leaders, helping and guiding those around us when they need us.

Moral of the story: Always be curious, explore the world around you, and strive to be a leader that helps and guides those around you.

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