Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a small family living in a cozy cottage by the sea. The family was made up of an old man, his son, and his daughter who was known as Rattlingly.

Rattlingly was a lively and mischievous girl who loved to explore and find adventure. She would play in the sand and in the ocean, pick shells and flowers, and explore along the jagged cliffs. She was always smiling, and her laughter could be heard echoing all around.

One day, Rattlingly told her father she was off to explore the cliffs and, just like always, he told her to be back before sunset, or else! She smiled and ran out the door, excited to see what she would find.

Rattlingly quickly realized that the cliffs were steeper and higher than they appeared, and before she knew it, she had gone too far. She tried to turn around, but she was stuck! She was stuck at the top of the cliff, and she couldn’t go back down for fear of slipping and falling.

Just then, something amazing happened! From the clouds came a magical creature – a silver dragon! His scales shone in the sunlight and his wings were so powerful he flew with ease. Rattlingly was captivated, and instead of feeling afraid, she felt nothing but wonder.

The dragon called out to her “Hello there, little one! What ails you?” Rattlingly explained that she was stuck and couldn’t get down from the cliff. The dragon smiled and said, “I know just what to do. Here, hop on my back and we’ll fly down together!”

Rattlingly was scared at first, but then remembered her father’s words to always trust in the right thing to do. Though it seemed dangerous, she knew that this kind dragon was her best chance of getting down.

So, she climbed onto his back, and the dragon flew them both down the cliff. Once they were safely back on the ground, the dragon said, “Now, remember, little one – it is important to explore, but never to get too far away from home. Being brave is important, but so is being wise.”

And with that, he flew away, leaving Rattlingly alone with her thoughts. She nodded, knowing the dragon had given her important words to live by.


It is important to explore and be brave, but it is also important to be wise and know when to turn back in order to avoid danger.

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