Once upon a time there lived a small mouse named Rattlemouse. He lived in a cozy wood cabin, with his family and friends, just outside of a small village.

Rattlemouse was a brave mouse who often liked to explore the nearby forests. One Sunday morning, he set out on his usual adventure with a little basket full of food and supplies. He scampered through the forest, stopping to marvel at the beautiful sights, smells and sounds he discovered.

Suddenly, Rattlemouse noticed a strange noise coming from a bush in front of him. He stopped to investigate and discovered it was a rattle snake! It was coiled up and ready to strike. Rattlemouse was terrified, but he was also brave in the face of danger. He realized that he had to find a way to get away from the snake.

He quickly thought of a plan. He would make a loud noise by shaking his basket at the snake. He thought that his sound would scare the snake away. So, he shook his basket vigorously and the snake slithered away into the darkness.

Rattlemouse was so relieved and proud of himself. He was a brave little mouse! On his way home, he ran into an old friend, a wise owl, who congratulated him on his courageous act.

The owl then said to him: “You have proven that courage and quick thinking can help you overcome your fears. No matter how big or small the danger, never give up hope.”

Rattlemouse went back home with a newfound appreciation for bravery and courage. He was reminded that no matter how scary a situation may be, you should never give up hope.

The moral of the story is to never give up hope no matter how difficult the situation and to use courage and quick thinking to overcome any obstacle. Rattlemouse’s brave act of shaking his basket at the rattlesnake showed everyone that no matter how big or small a danger may be, courage can help you overcome it.

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