Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, there lived a kind and gentle king who ruled over his people with a fair hand. The king had two sons, the elder, Prince Quilen, and the younger, Prince Quinqesection. The two brothers were quite different in temperament; while Quilen was strong, brave, and loyal to his father, Quinqesection was more of a daydreamer who preferred to spend his time reading and learning.

One day, King Quilen received news of a great battle that was about to take place far away from his kingdom. The king had to make a difficult decision – whether to send his sons to fight in the battle or not. Knowing that his sons had different dispositions and were too young to fight in such a dangerous battle, the king decided to use his wisest judgment: he would send Quilen to lead the army while Quinqesection would stay behind in the kingdom.

The two brothers were sad to be separated, but understood their father’s decision. Quilen went off to war, and left Quinqesection to rule the kingdom in his stead. And so, for many months, the younger prince managed the kingdom in his father’s absence.

He quickly learned the lesson of quinquesection – that is, to look at every decision from all angles and think through the consequences of each action. Such an approach was invaluable in managing the kingdom and ruling over the people fairly. Whenever a difficult decision had to be made, Quinqesection always took the time to consider all the aspects of the situation before coming to a conclusion. This enabled the young prince to make wise decisions that benefited the kingdom.

His wisdom and fair-mindedness made him highly respected amongst the people. Eventually, Quinqesection’s fame spread far and wide, and people came from all over the kingdom to seek his advice.

After many months, Quilen returned from the war. Upon his return, the king implemented a new rule in his kingdom: the quinquesection rule, which would ensure that all decisions were made only after considering all possible angles. This rule brought a great deal of peace and prosperity to the kingdom, for the people knew that their ruler was wise and just.

And ever since then, the people of the kingdom have followed the quinquesection rule, ensuring that decisions are always made fairly and with full consideration of all angles.

Moral: Wise decisions come from taking the time to consider all options before taking action.

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