Once upon a time, there was a duck named Quacky. Quacky was different from the other ducks. She was shy, didn’t quack as loud as the others, and wasn’t as good at swimming. The other ducks would often tease her and leave her out of their games.

One day, while Quacky was sitting by the pond feeling sad and alone, she noticed a group of geese flying overhead. They looked so free and happy, and Quacky wished she could be like them. She decided to try and fly like the geese, and so began flapping her wings as hard as she could.

At first, Quacky struggled to gain any height, but soon she found her wings were getting stronger, and she was able to fly a short distance. She was so excited that she continued to practice every day. But the other ducks noticed and started to laugh at her.

“You’re not supposed to fly like that, silly duck!” they said. “Ducks swim, they don’t fly.”

But Quacky didn’t listen to them. She kept practicing and getting better and better until one day, she was able to fly just like the geese.

The other ducks were amazed and impressed, and they soon realized that they had been wrong to bully Quacky for being different. They started to include her in their games and even asked her to teach them how to fly.

From that day on, Quacky was no longer the outcast. She had found her own way to belong, and the other ducks had learned to accept her for who she was.

The moral of the story is that everyone is unique and special in their own way, and no one should ever feel ashamed or left out because of their differences. It’s important to embrace and celebrate our differences because it’s what makes us who we are.

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