Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Addison who lived in a small village. He was an energetic and kind little boy, but he had one problem – he was purblindly.

Addison, like all the villagers, went to school and loved to play, but it was not easy for him to always find his way. He could not see very far and his vision was blurry, so he had to depend on others to guide him.

One day, Addison and his friends decided to go to the riverside to play. While they were having fun, Addison pointed out to his friends something on the horizon. “Look,” he said, “I think I can see a castle. Let’s go check it out!”

Unfortunately, they could not find the castle and had to turn back. Addison was so disappointed, he was sure he was right.

The next day, Addison decided to look for the castle by himself. He walked for miles, but his vision was not good enough to find it. Then he heard a noise and stopped. He squinted into the distance and saw something on a hill. He was sure it was the castle!

He ran towards it, but as he got closer, he realized that it was not the castle he was looking for. It was just a large rock formation.

Addison was disappointed again, but he knew that his vision was not good enough to find the castle. He could not give up, however, and the next day, he decided to try again.

This time, Addison asked the villagers for directions. They told him that the castle was located east of the village. Armed with this knowledge, Addison set off on his journey.

Finally, after much walking, Addison saw the castle. He was so excited and proud of himself for not giving up.

The moral of this story is that we should never give up, even when it seems impossible. If we work together and seek help, anything can be accomplished.

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