Once upon a time, in a village far far away, there lived a young boy named Ptomainic. Ptomainic was a very brave and adventurous spirit. He always wanted to explore and discover new things.

One day, Ptomainic and his friends decided to go on a journey to explore the nearby forest. When they reached the forest, they were amazed by the sight. The trees were tall and the air was clean and fresh.

As they explored the forest, they stumbled upon a mysterious cave. The cave was dark and eerie and it felt like something was watching them. The group hesitated to go inside, but Ptomainic was determined to find out what was behind the door.

The group slowly made their way into the cave. As they walked, they heard strange noises and the air felt heavier. Suddenly, the group saw a light ahead and the noise slowly began to fade away. They slowly moved closer and realized the light was coming from a mysterious glowing pool.

Ptomainic, being the brave one of the group, walked up to the pool and looked inside. He saw a figure of a beautiful woman with blue eyes. She smiled at him and said:

“Welcome brave Ptomainic, I am a goddess goddess of the forest and I thank you for this visit. I can give you three wishes if you answer my question right. What is it that all humans desire the most?”

Ptomainic thought for a while and answered “Love” without hesitation. The goddess smiled and granted him the three wishes.

Ptomainic told his friends to make their wishes, they all wished for happiness, but Ptomainic behold kept his wish to himself.

When the group returned back to the village, they all noticed the changes. Happiness and joy filled the air and everyone was living happily ever after.

Moral: Ptomainic’s brave spirit and quick thinking brought joy and happiness to his village, proving that courage and intelligence can help us achieve our deepest desires.

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