Once upon a time, deep in the jungle, there lived a small pterodactyl named Poppy. Poppy was known around the village as the most courageous and daring creature in the jungle. Every day, Poppy would soar through the sky, her wings spread wide, and take in the wonderful sights of the jungle below her.

One day, as Poppy was flying high above the trees, she noticed a strange and immense force pulling her towards the ground. Before Poppy knew it, she was engulfed in a dense forest of trees with no way out. After flapping her wings for what seemed like hours, Poppy realized that she was stuck.

No matter how hard she tried, Poppy could not break free from the trees’ embrace. Feeling hopeless, Poppy eventually stopped flapping her wings and let out a loud, helpless screech. To her surprise, a friendly voice came out from the trees.

“What’s wrong my little friend?” asked the friendly voice. After coming face to face with a wise old owl, Poppy explained her situation and the owl kindly offered some advice. “We all come across times in our lives when we feel stuck and helpless ” said the owl. “The most important thing to remember is to never give up. Be brave and keep trying, no matter how difficult the situation may be.”

After taking the owl’s advice, Poppy flapped her wings with all her might and eventually broke free from the trees’ embrace. With a deep breath of relief, Poppy soared through the sky, feeling proud of herself for never giving up.

From that day forward, Poppy always remembered the wise owl’s words and kept them close to her heart. Whenever she was feeling stuck and helpless, she would remember to never give up and keep trying, no matter what.

Moral: Never give up when feeling stuck and helpless. It is important to stay brave and keep trying, even in difficult situations.

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