Once upon a time, in a small town, lived a little boy named Charlie. Charlie’s life was quite simple and mundane; he went to school, he did his homework, and he helped his parents with the chores around the house.

One day, Charlie’s parents decided to take him to the nearby lake to enjoy a day of fishing. While they were at the lake, they noticed there were a lot of trees around it. Charlie and his parents thought that this would be an ideal place to propagate some new trees.

Charlie was delighted to be involved in such a project. He enthusiastically nodded his head and agreed to help his parents with the tree propagation project. Together, they started to plant different kinds of trees around the lake. Charlie also took some of the saplings from the nearby garden and planted them as well.

The propagation project was a success and soon the lake and its surrounding area looked lush and green. Every day, Charlie and his parents would go out and tend to the trees they had planted. Charlie enjoyed the process of nurturing the plants and watching them grow.

One day, Charlie noticed that one of the trees he had planted had produced an abundance of fruits. He was very happy and couldn’t wait for the fruits to become ripe so he could have a taste. Little did Charlie know that this was the moment that would change his life forever.

He quickly ran to the house to get a basket and went back to pick the ripe fruits. As he was picking the fruits, he noticed a certain kind of bird that he had never seen before. It was beautiful and he was mesmerized by its colors and song.

He decided to stay and watch the bird for some time. Suddenly, the bird started to fly away, taking with it some of the fruits that Charlie had just picked. Charlie realized that the bird was taking and propagating the seeds of the fruits that he had just picked and distributing them around the lake.

This gave Charlie an idea. From then on, every time he picked fruits from the trees he had planted he would make sure that some of them were left uneaten so that the birds could take them and propagate the seeds around the lake.

This way, not only was Charlie able to enjoy the fruits of his labor but he was also able to propagate new trees around the lake. Eventually, this propagating project became a popular activity among the people in the town, who soon started taking up the practice.

The moral of the story is that if we work together and share the knowledge, we can create a better future for ourselves. We can propagate ideas, knowledge and practices that will benefit the environment, our community, and our planet.

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