Once upon a time, there lived a small village called Procreator in a far-off land. The village was ruled by a wise King who was loved and respected by his people. The King was very kind and always took care of the poor and the needy.

One day, the King noticed a strange man walking around his kingdom. He was dressed differently and had a strange, foreign look about him. The King decided to call the man over and offer him a seat to sit and talk.

The King asked the man for his name and the man replied, “I am Procreator. I am from a far-off land and I have come here to help create a new and better world.” The King was intrigued by the man’s words and asked him how he could do this.

Procreator explained that he could help the people of Procreator by teaching them the ways of nature and how to live in harmony with it. He promised that with his help, the villagers could learn to care for the environment, preserve natural resources and create a more sustainable lifestyle.

The King was pleased with Procreator’s plans and agreed to implement them. Accordingly, Procreator began teaching and guiding the people of Procreator. He taught them to live in harmony and balance with nature, how to conserve and protect their environment, and how to use the natural resources wisely.

In no time, remarkable changes were seen all around in the village. The air became more pure, the water became cleaner, and the crops were more abundant. The people of Procreator became healthier and their living standards improved.

People in the neighbouring villages who saw their changes started visiting Procreator to learn from them and also to benefit from their knowledge. Gradually, people from other parts of the country and even from other countries came to learn from Procreator.

The King was pleased with Procreator’s work and rewarded him immensely for making such a great difference in the lives of his people.

Moral: It is very important to work and live in harmony with nature and its resources in order to create a better and more sustainable world for future generations. Procreator showed us how to do this and brought about so many positive changes for us. We should strive to follow his example and do our best to protect our environment.

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