Once upon a time, there lived a young prekantian named Piro. He was adventurous and a great friend to everyone. His village was small and most of the people there were prekantians. Piro’s best friend was a rabbit named Bony who he had befriended from a young age.

One day, Piro decided he wanted to explore outside of his village and travelled to a nearby forest. He stumbled across a clearing and found a beautiful lake. As he looked closer, he noticed small creatures darting around in the water. Piro was fascinated and decided to investigate further. When he looked closer, he saw the creatures were fairies!

Piro was so excited to meet these fairies. He asked them what they were doing in the lake. The fairies told him they were playing a game called prekantian and that he should play too. Piro was so eager to join in the fun. The fairies explained the rules to him, they said they were all trying to collect as many colorful stones from the bottom of the lake and whoever had the most wins.

Piro jumped into the lake and started to collect the stones. He was so focused and determined to get the most stones and win the game. As he swam around, he noticed the other prekantians were also collecting the stones, but not as quickly as him. He was in the lead!

Suddenly, a giant wave appeared and threatened to wash away all the stones he had collected. Piro was so scared and desperately tried to hang on to them. Bony, his best friend the rabbit, saw what was happening and ran to Piro’s side. He grabbed onto Piro and together they managed to hold onto the stones.

The wave eventually subsided and when Piro looked around, he saw all the other prekantians had lost their collected stones. He also realised that he was the only one who had managed to hold onto them and win the game.

Piro was so happy, he shouted and cheered for joy. He learned a valuable lesson that day, which was to always stay determined and never give up, even when it gets tough.

Moral: Never give up and stay determined, even when things get tough.

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