Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a young boy named Preferrous. He was a very kind, hardworking and smart young boy. He was always curious and eager to explore the world around him – whether it was the nature of the nearby forest, the mysteries of the night sky or the secrets of alchemy.

One day, he heard a rumor in town that the local King was looking for a magical ingredient to help him create a powerful elixir. Intrigued, Preferrous decided he wanted to find this ingredient himself. He spent hours and hours searching through different books and scrolls in the local library to find a clue.

Finally, he found a clue in an old encyclopedia. It said that the magical ingredient was a mysterious rock called the Preferrous Stone. But the book did not say where the rock was located. Determined to find the stone, Preferrous went out on a quest.

He searched for days, but no matter how far or how long he searched, he could not find the stone. But he still kept looking, determined to find the stone and help the King.

One day, he stumbled upon a cave and ventured inside. When he walked further into the cave, he noticed a glimmer of light. He looked closer and saw to his amazement that it was coming from a stone – the Preferrous Stone!

He quickly picked it up and turned to leave, but as he did, he noticed a small, orange lizard. It seemed to be looking at him with curiosity, almost as if it wanted to speak to him. Preferrous knew this was no ordinary lizard. He stayed and talked to it, and the lizard told him that it was a magical creature who had been trapped in this cave ever since the Preferrous Stone had been hidden there.

Preferrous was determined to set the creature free, so he grabbed the stone and ran out of the cave.Once he was back outside, he held out the stone and a beam of light shot out from it. The creature was free, and it thanked Preferrous and flew away.

Preferrous was determined to keep his promise to the King, and he quickly returned the precious stone. When the King saw the Preferrous Stone, he was amazed. He thanked Preferrous for his bravery and loyalty, and Preferrous was rewarded with riches beyond his imagination.

The moral of this story is that kindness and loyalty are always rewarded. By being brave and determined, Preferrous was able to find the magical stone and help the King. His kindness and loyalty paid off, and his reward was much greater than he could have ever imagined.

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