Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Precious. He was a curious and mischievous kid, always wanting to explore the world around him.

Being the youngest in the family, Precious was always pampered by his parents and had anything that he wanted. So, naturally, he was a bit spoilt and would often be found disobeying his parents for little things.

One fine day, Precious decided to take a walk around the nearby forest. He was captivated by its beauty as he wandered around and came across a beautiful pond. He was mesmerized by the sight of the pond and decided to take a dip in its cool waters. After some time, he came across a wooden box lying nearby the pond and decided to open it out of curiosity.

To his surprise, the box was filled with gems and jewels of all shapes and sizes. Precious was elated by what he had found. He was so excited that he decided to keep the box with him and took it home with him.

When he reached home, Precious asked his parents if they wanted to buy the gems and jewels from him. His parents were wary, but Precious couldn’t be persuaded. Precious was adamant that he would not part with the box, and his parents reluctantly gave in to his demands.

However, after a few days, his parents noticed that Precious had become very disobedient and unruly. They realised that the box of gems had made him too confident about himself and was changing his behaviour.

Finally, his parents decided to take the box back from Precious and explain to him why it was wrong to take things that didn’t belong to him. They also taught him the importance of obeying his parents and staying humble, no matter how successful he was in life.

From that fate onward, Precious understood the value of hard work and honesty. He also learnt that it was always better to be humble and obedient to his parents.

Moral of the story: Being humble and obedient is more important than being successful and wealthy.

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