Once upon a time, there was a little kid called Potful. He was a very naughty and mischievous little boy, who liked to run around and play all the time.

One day, Potful was playing in the park with his friends when he saw an old lady walking by. She was carrying an old pot filled with something. Potful asked the old lady what she had in the pot, and she replied “This pot is filled with water, a very special kind of water. It is filled with special things such as luck, health and happiness”.

Potful was so intrigued and fascinated by this mysterious pot of water that he asked the old woman if he could take the pot home with him. The old woman agreed and gave Potful the pot of water.

Potful went home with the pot of water and placed it in his room. WheneverPotful felt sad or depressed, he would go to the pot of water and pour some on his head. The water from the pot filled Potful with a feeling of joy and happiness, which made him forget all his sadness.

One day, Potful’s parents told him that they had to move to another city. Potful was so sad to leave his friends and the park. He felt like he was losing everything.

However, Potful did not forget to take his pot of water with him. Whenever he felt sad, he would pour some of the water on his head and instantly, his sadness was replaced with happiness.

The pot of water was also helpful when Potful encountered difficult problems or situations. He would pour some of the water in his hand and think deeply about the situation. Gradually, Potful would come up with the right solution or decision.

The pot of water gave Potful the courage and strength to face the difficult times and helped him in his journey of life.

Moral: In life, it is important to stay positive, no matter how difficult the situation, and always believe that you can make it through hard times. Always remember to turn to the special people in your life, and to the special things that fill you with happiness, such as the pot of water.

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