Once upon a time there was a small village tucked away in the hills of the Himalayas. This small village was an idyllic place, with lush green forests and magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains. In this village lived an old man, who was an orphan and lived alone in a tiny hut.

One day, the old man was walking down a path through the woods when he noticed a beautiful pot of gold lying in the middle of the path. He had never seen such a splendid sight and couldn’t resist the temptation to take the pot of gold with him.

Unfortunately, the old man was unaware that the gold was the property of a powerful wizard who lived in a nearby castle. As soon as the wizard learned of the theft, he sent his powerful dragon to go and retrieve it.

The dragon flew through the sky and reached the village in no time, scaring the villagers and burning all the houses to the ground. The old man was so frightened that he ran away with the pot of gold and hid in a cave.

The dragon searched everywhere for the pot of gold but was unsuccessful in finding it. In desperation, the dragon decided to threaten the old man and give him an ultimatum: either he returned the pot of gold or the dragon would burn down the entire village.

The old man was caught in a dilemma. He wanted to keep the pot of gold for himself, but he also did not want to be responsible for the destruction of his beloved village. After much thought and contemplation, the old man finally made his decision.

He returned the pot of gold to the wizard and begged for mercy. The wizard, touched by the old man’s courage and selflessness, granted him a wish. The old man, having nothing else to wish for, asked the wizard to save his village from destruction.

The wizard complied and no more harm came to the village or its people. The villagers thanked the old man for his courage and selflessness in the face of danger. They praised him as a hero and a legend was born.

Moral of the story: Selflessness and courage often lead to greater rewards than taking the easy way out.

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