Once upon a time, there lived a small boy named Arjun in a small village. Arjun was a mischievous yet likable boy. He was loved by everyone in the village.

Arjun was always full of energy and wanted to explore life to its fullest. He was always looking for new exciting adventures. One day, Arjun decided to go for a walk. As he strolled around a corner, he saw a beautiful portrayable lying on the ground. He immediately fell in love with it and picked it up.

The portrayable was an amazing work of art. It depicted two lovers in a passionate embrace. The painting was so lifelike that it almost looked real. Arjun was fascinated by it and decided to take it home.

But, as soon as Arjun took the portrayable with him, it suddenly came to life! He was startled and tried to run away, but the portrayable started to follow him. No matter how hard Arjun tried to get away, the portrayable stayed close behind him.

Arjun kept running until he was exhausted, and the portrayable was still on his heels. Arjun then collapsed to the ground. To his surprise, the portrayable didn’t run away; instead, it stood by him and comforted him.

Arjun realized that the portrayable was trying to tell him something. It wanted him to understand that life can be full of surprises and that he should never give up on his dreams no matter how hard the going gets.

Arjun thanked the portrayable for the life lesson and set it free, watching it fly high in the sky. He understood that it was time to move on and cherish the beautiful moments of life.

Moral: Life’s full of surprises and we should never give up on our dreams no matter how hard the going gets.

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