Once upon a time, there lived a family of three brothers. They lived in a small village and their father was a farmer. The brothers were very close and loved each other dearly.

One summer, the father decided to marry a second wife. This wasn’t something that was normally done in their village, but the father thought it was a good idea to give his sons a mother. The brothers were confused and scared by this sudden change and the prospect of having a new mother in the house.

However, their father reassured them that this would be a good thing for them and that they would learn to love their new mother as well. Despite their initial reservations, the brothers eventually accepted the new arrangement.

They soon got to know their new mother and found that she was a wonderful person. She treated them with love and kindness and was always there to help them with school and other activities. In time, they developed a strong bond with her and the brothers began to love her as their real mother.

The brothers were very happy with this new arrangement and the family prospered. They all grew up to be successful and respected individuals in their village and were a great example to the other families in the village.

The moral of this story is that family is not always made up of one father and one mother. It is possible to have a successful and loving family even when there is more than one parent. Polygamy can be a successful and beneficial family structure if all parties are willing to work together in harmony and love.

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